Our Engineering expertise

Our Engineering expertise covers a large variety of solutions for the Construction Industry Surveying requirements. Using the latest technology provided by most reliable manufacturers we can accurately and efficiently provide all spatial data needs for your project. 

Qualified and Experienced Professionals will transfer information from design to the field with precision and detail that is second to none. 

This may include set-out of Hold-down, Bolt positions, Bridge construction, Rail Formations, Tunnel Construction, Earthworks, Concrete Setout, Piping&Structural and much more. 

With teams of surveyors and equipment unsurpassed in quality the cost saving can be enormous and the quality of the acquired data incredible.


3D Laser Scanning or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is the process of shining a reflectorless laser line over a surface in order to collect 3-dimensional data. The surface data is captured by a camera sensor mounted in the laser scanner which records accurate dense 3D points in space. The 3D survey points collected combine together to form a point cloud that represent the surface surveyed. 

Technometer Middle East avails of state of the art laser technology to create high speed three dimensional detailed measurements of complex environments and geometries.
This type of service if suitable for building construction, façade and structural deformations, product geometry, factories, process plants, in particular when drones cannot operate (like no fly zones or small indoor environments). 

This technique also provides a solution for the rapid surveying of inaccessible surfaces or complex geometrical details. The data can be linked in 3D to your site grid and matched seamlessly with topographical survey plans, elevations and & sections.


Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) s a geophysical application well established for detecting the superficial bodies, particularly for locating the planimetric position and depth of the objects or structures in the subsurface. 

Working with GPR eliminates the chance for expensive job downtime or setbacks due to structure damage, facility shutdown for utility line or worker injury. 

Beside being used to detect underground objects such as pipelines, cables or other, this technology is widely used to asses and survey industrial floors, asphalt, pavements and bridges for preventive maintenance or repairs. 


  • Early detection of damage to bridge decks. 
  • Measurement of pavement, concrete slab and asphalt thickness. 
  • Automatic detection of rebars. 
  • Detection of areas affected by corrosion. 
  • Detection of buried pipelines, cables or other objects. 
  • Preventive maintenance checks and inspections.