Industrial grade drones for reliable inspection tasks


Land survey activities, carried on with our innovative technologies, dramatically change the whole process of elevation and positioning analysis and study. 
This innovative vision brings slices of the real world into computers, without the need of drawing and interpreting the data manually acquired by land surveyors. 
All the information needed become a few mouse clicks away.

Using state-of-the-art drones and survey technologies, we perform extremely accurate surveys and produce a comprehensive set of precise maps, data and videos.

With drones, we deliver a much faster turn-around time than traditional survey methods, with higher accuracy and additional granularity. This type of service is a more cost effective way of carrying out land surveys, and delivers incredible precise and detailed data. 

Our UAV fleet can fly longer than most of the devices available on the market, can resist to strong wind and can carry heavy equipment, allowing our clients to receive actionable data in the shortest time. 

We have a versatile fleet of drones which allows us to adapt to any size project.
We can carry full frame imaging sensors.
When equipped with 5K HD cameras and gimbals able to pivot 360 degrees, aerial drone survey can deliver the highest standards at ease. 

Construction project images and videos can add an in dept analysis that cannot be achieved in any other way. 


Aerial survey activities involve many benefits. Some of the main ones are:

  • Access to hard-to-reach areas 
  • Safe access to dangerous areas 
  • Faster execution 
  • Higher resolution 
  • Higher accuracy 
  • Increased granularity 
  • Distance and volumetric measurements 

This type of survey gives the possibility of generating:  

  • 3D Maps 
  • Orthomosaic 
  • Contour Maps 
  • Point Clouds 
  • Distance & Volumetric 
  • RGB, Thermal & Multispectral 

The data provided is compatible with most of the existing GIS software.