Leading-Edge Aerial and Terrestrial Surveying Solutions

We specialize in designing cost effective and accurate solutions that make the best use of our state-of-the-art technologic equipment (including the latest generation drones).

The foundations of our reliability are built on more than a decade of experience, many public large-scale works executed and modern company organization.

Technometer Middle East is registered at the U.A.E. General Civil Aviation Authority.


Engineering Surveying

  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment, Cross section, Details, Digital Terrain
  • Modeling (DTM)
  • Volumes calculations (earth works and civil works)
  • Precise positioning
  • Setting-out for construction
  • As built surveys
  • Site engineering surveys
  • Consulting topographic

Topographic Surveys

  • Geodetic Network Control
  • Monumentation – Geodetic Network (WGS 84-UTMS–RET)
  • Survey Activities (Real-time Kinematic – RTK, Static, Traverse, Leveling)
  • Monitoring Survey
  • Pipeline Survey


  • GPR underground Utility Survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Drone activities (Aerial Mapping – Photogrammetry System, Visual Inspection, Aerial Scanning – Thermo and Lidar)



Primary benefits of using drones (UAVs):

Cost reduction: great savings compared to traditional helicopter or airplane.
Time saving: large areas surveyed up to 50 times faster than ground-based land surveying with multiple teams allowing rapid deployment.
Improved safety: survey hazardous areas with minimal ground access and less time on site due to rapid data collection.
Better information: vertical and oblique photography is combined with accurate topographic data, digital terrain modelling and volumetric analysis.
Improve decision-making: greater details and real-time updates.
Wide range of new applications: thanks to the new technologies, which can be associated to the use of UAVs – such as LidarPods or thermal cameras – we can provide our services to a wider range of fields including, but not limited to, insurance, maintenance and renovation companies.


  • Natural disasters


    Surveying & mapping of earthquakes
    Surveying & mapping of storms and hurricanes
    Surveying & mapping of landslides
    Surveying & mapping of tsunamis
    Surveying & mapping of catastrophes
    Surveying & mapping of mudslides
    Surveying & mapping of volcanic eruptions

  • Accidents


    Surveying & mapping of plane crashes
    Surveying & mapping of flooding
    Surveying & mapping of train crashes and road
    Surveying & mapping of fire
    Insurance surveys

  • Checks and inspections


    Tidal mapping
    Mapping of the spread of algae
    Forestry surveying
    Mapping of Vegetation
    Agriculture – GIS applications
    Mapping of coastal areas
    Agriculture – mapping plant growth
    Mapping shifts in sandbars
    Mapping sandbar measurements
    Safety inspections

  • Civil works infrastructure


    Mapping of industrial zones
    Mapping of excavation sites
    Surveying & mapping – design site – state of works – progress – as-built
    Surveying & mapping civil works – Before /During / After


  • Insurance companies

    “Visual Inspections” (Surveying & Mapping; Checks & Inspections), as support for the expertise in order to verify and evaluate properties, buildings, accident’s sites and natural disasters’ sites.

  • Estate or Plants Management companies

    Periodical “Visual Inspections” (Surveying & Mapping; Checks & Inspections), as support for the maintenance checking of the civil structures, such as buildings’ facades, rooftops, warehouses, industrial chimneys, fences, private roads, track lines etc.
    The instruments used are: complete drone systems with thermo-cameras, laser systems (LIDAR), and optical cameras FX.

  • Environment Management companies

    “Visual Inspections” (Surveying & Mapping; Checks & Inspections), land survey and mapping, as support for the periodical checking of the territories, identification of the sites critically damaged and performance of the inspections without encountering any risk.

  • HSE companies

    “Visual Inspections” (Surveying & Mapping; Safety Inspections), performed to verify the entire indicated sites, using drone systems with high definition cameras, in order to offer a sites’ mapping within very short time, highlighting all areas where risks have been identified and unaffected areas.
    Our services imply no risk for the environment.

  • Public Authorities

    Periodical checking of the infrastructures (roads, railways, viaducts, etc.) as support for extra maintenance planning, providing quantities calculations, mapping and survey, within short time and no risks implied.
    Underground scanning with GPR for utility survey.

  • Construction (Civil/Infrastructure/Industrial) companies

    Engineering survey for construction activities.
    Topographic surveys for engineering activities in sites.
    Our services will support the construction works for topographic services with high performance and high quality within the shortest amount of time, and the best advanced technics available on the market at the moment.

  • Plant management / Production companies

    Survey activities with laser scanning in existing plants for complete structures oils and gas plants, underground pipelines and structures, building and surrounding areas.
    Analyses and prevention data, cloud points, spherical images, 3D CAD model.
    This technology is cost-saving and prevents inactivity times caused by unexpected situations.